354 ViewsMINERAL MOTOR OIL.? Mineral oil is the most natural in terms of its components: it is obtained from refined crude oil. It was the first to be used on old vehicles: it was originally called monograde, ie it had only one viscosity index. This posed a problem because a monograde oil has very large […]

Drug addiction: treatment

207 Viewsexplains what you can do to improve your health or what professionals can offer you during a consultation. Good reading ! What is it about ? Addiction to substances such as alcohol, sleeping pills and painkillers, painkillers and drugs is a common problem that sometimes goes unnoticed for a long time. Sometimes those around […]

Drug treatment

217 ViewsDrug addiction is addiction to drugs: cannabis, heroin, cocaine… Medical care can be provided either on the initiative of the addict himself or following a report. A drug addict can benefit from a detoxification treatment. At the request of a drug addict Centers for care, support and prevention in addictology (CSAPA) allow you to […]

The real solution for a high quality professional car wash

329 ViewsThe American Car Wash car wash concept is different from other competing systems 1/ Portals or brush multi-programs. Disadvantages:  micro-scratches, damaged mirrors, aerials and side strips torn off. Dusting, long and tedious interior cleaning to be done yourself. 2/ High pressure self-services. Disadvantages: insufficient quality cleaning (traces, residues), cleaning to be carried out oneself, […]