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Three effective ways to choose the right T-shirt size: the Size Guide

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Choosing the right size is essentialIf there’s one thing that changes everything, it’s choosing clothes that fit.Well-cut clothes that fit your size will enhance your figure. This is what the team of the men’s fashion blog, Comme un Camion points out :“Choosing the wrong size is the number one mistake [men make]! This size guide will explain everything to you if you have any doubts about how to find your T-shirt size.

The goal is to avoid looking like Ross from Friends:Ross from Friends in an undersized T-shirt.When a wrong size T-shirt really isn’t the right size…Here is the program :What a T-shirt in your size should look like.How to choose the right size T-shirt .What a T-shirt in your size should look like.A good quality T-shirt should fit well. And it makes it easier to choose your size. At a glance you can see if it’s okay.

1. The waist at the shoulders

The first thing you need to look at is how the T-shirt falls over your shoulders.It is at this detail that you can see if the T-shirt is your size. Romain Rousseau explains it well in the Bonne Gueule size guide:“The seam of the sleeves must fall on the break of the shoulder. If it is well cut, the rest will follow. If the seam of the sleeves is not adjusted, it will give a “plunging shoulders” effect.Joey from Friends in a T-shirtJoey from Friends: An example of the ’90s dipping shoulder effect.If you like the style of the 90s (relaxed T-shirt, sometimes tucked into the pants), I advise you to opt for a size above.For a T-shirt that falls well on the shoulders (tailored fit), it looks more like this photo:True to size blue t-shirt .Here, the T-shirt falls just right at the shoulders (Timberland shoes, Carhartt chinos).Today, it is much more common to see men with a fitted T-shirt than a “loose” T-shirt (ie with drooping shoulders).

2. The size at the level of the torso

The T-shirt must fall well when you are standing. The pectorals will be just slightly molded. Note that it is normal for the T-shirt to crease when you are sitting. Like you, the T-shirt goes into a more relaxed position.Here is an example with the black T-shirt from GoudronBlanc:Black V-neck T-shirt – Blue chinosIn a seated position, the GoudronBlanc T-shirt only makes a few folds. (Click on the image to discover the T-shirt)The T-shirt should be neither too tight nor too wide at the hips.Like I said, it depends on your taste. Some prefer their (men’s) T-shirt to be snug . Others prefer it more relaxed.

3. The size at the level of the arms

For short-sleeved T-shirts, the length is important.The sleeves generally stop at the half of your biceps. A more athletic couple will have slightly shorter sleeves that will emphasize your muscles (Marlon Brando style, see the surprising story of the T-shirt ).Marlon Brando in Short Sleeve T-Shirts.Marlon Brando in T-shirts with very short cut sleeves.In any case, no longer.Avoid the sleeves of the T-shirt going down to the elbow (it’s very 90s like this example of Chandler wearing a T-shirt in the series Friends).Chandler wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt in the series Friends (1996) Notice the “short” sleeve length of the T-shirt (the “loose” was a typical 90s look)This is what Valéry of the fashion blog Never Vulgar recommends :For long sleeve t-shirts:When you’re standing with your arms along your body, the bottom of the sleeve should come up to where your thumb is (just below your wrist bone).

4. Length at waist level

A good length T-shirt stops just below the waistband: Guerric de Ternay in an anthracite gray round neck T-shirt.The right size T-shirt: The bottom of the anthracite gray GoudronBlanc T-shirt just covers the waistband.Avoid: T-shirts that fall below the buttocks. If this happens, the T-shirt is either too big or the fit is too long.This is good advice from the Chic Types team:The long T-shirt (below the buttocks) is back in the fashion world. But it’s a style that doesn’t suit everyone. (I’ve been told that it goes in an avant-garde look with a “designer T-shirt”.)

3. The depth at the collar

The neckline of a T-shirt, often called “round neck” or “V-neck” (even if the T-shirt does not have a collar by definition) is very important.The shape depends on the type of T-shirts you choose.The size of the V-neck T-shirt.A V-neck T-shirt refines your figure.Watch how the GoudronBlanc V-neck T-shirt falls on Augustin Paluel-Marmont, co-founder of Michel & Augustin ):Men’s black V-neck t-shirt – GoudronBlanc.Augustin Paluel-Marmont (co-founder of Michel & Augustin) wearing a black GoudronBlanc V-neck T-shirt.At the right size, a T-shirt will have a not too deep V-neck.The size of the round neck T-shirt.The round neck T-shirt reinforces your build.The neckline size of a round neck depends on the style you want to adopt. You can choose a round neck for an elegant outfit or more flared for an informal look.Now you have a good idea of ​​what a T-shirt looks like in your size.

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