Unlocking Success in the World of Automotive Finance and Insurance: Exploring F&I Schools

138 ViewsIn the fast-paced and dynamic world of automotive sales, Finance and Insurance (F&I) professionals play a vital role in facilitating the purchase of vehicles. These experts navigate the complex landscape of financing options, insurance policies, and legal regulations to ensure customers receive the best possible deals. To equip aspiring professionals with the essential skills […]


136 ViewsMINERAL MOTOR OIL.? Mineral oil is the most natural in terms of its components: it is obtained from refined crude oil. It was the first to be used on old vehicles: it was originally called monograde, ie it had only one viscosity index. This posed a problem because a monograde oil has very large […]

The real solution for a high quality professional car wash

132 ViewsThe American Car Wash car wash concept is different from other competing systems 1/ Portals or brush multi-programs. Disadvantages:  micro-scratches, damaged mirrors, aerials and side strips torn off. Dusting, long and tedious interior cleaning to be done yourself. 2/ High pressure self-services. Disadvantages: insufficient quality cleaning (traces, residues), cleaning to be carried out oneself, […]