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The real solution for a high quality professional car wash

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The American Car Wash car wash concept is different from other competing systems

1/ Portals or brush multi-programs.

Disadvantages:  micro-scratches, damaged mirrors, aerials and side strips torn off. Dusting, long and tedious interior cleaning to be done yourself.

2/ High pressure self-services.

Disadvantages: insufficient quality cleaning (traces, residues), cleaning to be carried out oneself, problems of deterioration and vandalism. Wet feet.

3/ Hand washing by a professional.

As in North American car wash centers, the Center Manager welcomes you at the entrance to the tunnel in order to present the different washing formulas to you, he gives you a ticket which will allow you to pay at the cash desk.

This guides you to the conveyor that will tow your vehicle safely through the 15 to 30 meter long tunnel, depending on the centre.

You stay behind the wheel of his vehicle until you get out of the washing tunnel, except for the Speed ​​or Clean formula (exterior wash only). Payment will be made at the cash desk during the interior finishing phase. In the case of a simple bodywork wash, you will be asked to pay the service at the cash desk before washing in the tunnel.

Exterior washing

Our quality difference: tunnel washing

The secret to the effectiveness of  American Car Wash  lies as much in the exclusive technology of equipment of North American origin (the tunnel) as in the know-how of the staff.

it sprays product on rims on all 4 wheels (except for the latest generation of tunnel which has automatic spraying on all four wheels)

In some cases, he sprays an anti-mosquito product upstream, which he leaves to act for a few moments before rinsing it off with a high-pressure lance.

Exclusive technology and unique manual know-how in France

The car is then launched on the conveyor, in an automated tunnel 15 to 30 meters in length depending on the center, exclusive to American Car Wash .

Exterior washing is thus ensured by ingenious robotic processes such as fabric brushes, called “mitters”, a sort of swing from which strips of felt are suspended, but also side and horizontal brushes, wheel brushes, high pressure jets.

This equipment washes the chassis, the underside of the fenders and the wheels with unequaled washing quality.

 In fact, we are far from conventional rollers or high pressure washing stations that wash the car as much as the feet of its user.

The rain curtain then rinses the car before being dried by a blower.

Your car is wiped manually at the exit of the tunnel, this allows you to rectify certain touch-ups of washing poorly carried out by the tunnel (rear registration plates set back, lower parts of the windscreen made inaccessible by the windscreen wipers, etc.).

Wiping is done by hand using two chamois leathers (one in each hand), rinsed and wrung out after each vehicle. Door jambs are wiped with cotton towels.

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