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For a long time I neglected this garment. I had relegated it to the rank of underwear or pajamas. I only wore it underneath my outfits, which was originally its main use. Until recently I only had a few t-shirts in my closet. That is to say ! To talk about the t-shirt, I will focus on the most basic model: the white t-shirt. But all my advice is applicable to all men’s t-shirts .

Over time, I grew to love this piece of clothing and understood that the men’s white t-shirt is simply a casual version of the white shirt . I have listed here all the characteristics and all the details that make me choose a good men’s t-shirt , to guide you in your purchases. You can also help yourself with looks to create perfect outfits, and I answer all your questions in the comments as usual  !


This form of clothing, which has 4 openings and a round or V-neck, is ageless. It has existed for centuries and it is difficult to precisely date its creation.

The “T” shirt takes its name from the T-shape it takes when placed on a flat surface. It was originally an undergarment , sometimes made of wool or silk, which was intended to absorb perspiration and protect one’s clothing from body odor and dirt. Because yes, at the time the “over” clothes were not washed as often as the “under” clothes.

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With the industrial revolution and the evolution of weaving machines, cotton gradually became a standard in the manufacture of t-shirts , replacing wool and silk. Thanks to this, the t-shirt has become comfortable and pleasant to wear. A new area could finally begin!

The expansion of the t-shirt as it is known today comes from the army regulation clothing that the military received as an endowment. This undergarment notably became the regulatory undershirt of the US Navy in 1919, which brought it immense notoriety.

The US Navy in a white t-shirt

Subsequently, it was in turn farmers, workers and athletes who appropriated this garment, before it appeared in the cinema, on the back of Clark Gable, James Dean or Steve McQueen and on blankets magazine, like that of Time. As a result, the t-shirt is now everywhere, having become an unbeatable classic of men’s fashion .


As I told you at the beginning of the article, I will focus on the white t-shirt . But you can of course apply these tips to all other colors. Because there isn’t just one t-shirt, there are 1000. With such a simple piece of clothing, the smallest detail immediately takes on a disproportionate scale .


To choose a t-shirt for men , you must first look at the fabric. The thickness of a fabric is judged by its weight in grams per m². This weight is called the “grammage”.

Between 125 and 145 g/m² , this weight will give a light and very thin t-shirt, which requires an extremely high quality fabric if you want it to last over time. Generally, it is a low-end t-shirt.

Between 145 and 165 g/m² , this is the average weight, found everywhere. It is a weight that allows you to wear your t-shirt in winter and summer.

Between 165 and 200 g/m²  (and beyond), this is the weight of a thick t-shirt, which will generally be of excellent quality, and which will keep you warm.

If you don’t have information on the weight, I recommend asking the seller, or gauging by eye if you find it to be a heavy fabric or not. Sometimes we have to do with the means at hand!


We can not go there by 4 paths, a quality t-shirt is necessarily in a 100% cotton jersey . It’s a fabric that will be next to the skin, and I prefer not to wear synthetic materials. For a few rare exceptions, we can however accept a small percentage of synthetic material , to add a little robustness (nylon / polyester) or elasticity (elastane), but this must be in small quantities (approx. 10%).

The ideal is to opt for a t-shirt in pima cotton jersey , the “king” of cottons, with its long fibers which give a resistant, luminous and very soft fabric, or a Giza cotton, but which will be fine more expensive. Choose a dense jersey. This is the best way to know for sure if a fabric will be durable.

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