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Top 7 places to visit near Mahalaxmi

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Do you want to visit the best places in Mahalaxmi? If yes, all the best places you will come to know in this post. Mahalaxmi is an affluent and upscale location in Mumbai. It is located in the southern part of Mumbai and is visited by thousands of people every day.

Many devotees come to Mahalaxmi and visit the Mahalaxmi temple. Temple is not the only place that the city offers.There are plenty of attractions and things to do if you visit Mahalaxmi.

Here are the top locations to visit in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

1. Mahalaxmi temple

One of the popular temples in Mahalaxmi is Mahalaxmi temple, which was constructed in 1785. It is considered home to statues of tridevi goddesses, Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, and Mahasaraswati. This temple attracts a number of tourists, especially during Navratri time.

2. Mahalaxmi racecourse

Mahalaxmi racecourse is a common feature of Bollywood films. It is a famous place to visit not only in Mahalaxmi but also in the entire of Mumbai. It is referred home to horse racing tracks that are spread over 225 acres. It faces towards the Arabian sea and provides a green and nice space to spend the well day in the city.

3. Heera Panna shopping center

This shopping center is located near Haji Ali. It provides everything visitors require. Right from clothes to electronics, there are many things available here for people to buy. If you can negotiate and bargain, you can surely get a good deal here.

4. Haji Ali mosque

Haji Ali mosque was constructed in 1431. It is the most prominent landmark of Mumbai city. This place is the dargah of pir haji ali shah bukhari and provides the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian sea.

5. Dhobi ghat

Dhobi ghat was built in 1890. It is considered the open-air laundry place in Mumbai that provides a glimpse of the rustic, old ambiance of the city of Mumbai. It is situated next to the Mahalaxmi railway station and makes it a popular attraction for tourists. You can find more than 7000 people here who work in a diligent manner every day and, in general, better turnover annually.

6. Shree swami narayan temple

Shree swami narayan temple is located on BhulabhaiDesai Road. It is the third most popular temple in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. It provides you with serene views and holds great relevance in Hinduism.

7. Luxury residential complexes

There are many luxurious residential complexes available for people that add more charm and beauty to Mumbai city. It is referred to as the breathtaking skyline of south Mumbai made grander by the addition of appealing and well-designed high rises.


One of Mumbai’s most upscale and exclusive neighborhoods is Mahalaxmi, which is located in South Mumbai. Mahalaxmi is the best spot if you’re seeking a supremely magnificent property with a prime position and breathtaking views.

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