How to Make the Most of a Live Edge Table?

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Live edge tables are tables that have been cut from natural sources and are very popular in homes where people are looking to give their homes a natural touch and a professional look. Whether you are thinking of getting a live edge dining table with epoxy artwork or any customized dining table this article will be useful in getting the best out of these masterpieces.

Tips For Decorating Your Live Edge Dining Room Table

Pair with Complementary Furniture

To take the position your live edge dining room table should occupy and deserve, it should be paired with other furniture. Simple and elegant chairs can also be really useful when it comes to drawing attention to the table instead of overshadowing it. If that does not fit, look at benches made of the same type of wood or wood of the opposite tone as the custom live edge tables.

Lighting Matters

Some general guidelines might help you make the right choice and enjoy the beauty of your live edge table. Some elements of a table, such as a table’s base or a carving, can be accentuated if pendant lights or chandeliers are placed above the table and directly over the surface. It is advised to use warm and soft light to enhance the tones in the wood and make the dining area more welcoming.

Caring For Your Custom Live Edge Tables

Regular Cleaning

Maintenance is also very important for your new custom dining tables, even though it requires regular cleaning. This must be done gently using a cloth and water without rubbing it with chemicals that may harm the wood. For difficult-to-clean areas, soap can be used, make sure to use a dry cloth after cleaning so as not to leave the wood wet.

Protecting the Surface

To prevent any unwanted marks, stains, or heat damage on the surface of your custom live edge table, use coasters, placemats, and trivets. This will assist in avoiding water rings, heat marks, and scratches that can be developed on the table surface. Also, when cleaning up, it is recommended to use high-quality furniture wax or oil from time to time to enrich the wooden surface and enhance its shine.

Looking for Epoxy Tables for Sale

What Are Epoxy Tables?

There is no alternative to an epoxy table since they have the beauty of natural wood together with epoxy resins. The resin can penetrate the porous structure of the wood and seal minute pores, cracks, and any other spaces, thus providing a relatively smooth and firm surface. Epoxy can also be given different hues of your desired color making the table stylish and a representation of the owner. These live edge dining room tables are so unique and are made by combining nature and modern style, and they will be the focal point of the room.

Finding the Right Epoxy Table

When considering buying epoxy tables for sale, one has to look at the general outlook of the table about the rest of the furniture and the environment in which it will be placed in. Several factors need to be put into consideration about the resin such as the color of the resin, the type of wood to be used and the size of the table to be made out of the resin. Modern artisans provide their clients with an opportunity to select the type of trims that suit their homes the most.

Finding Custom Furniture Near Your Business

Supporting Local Artisans

Another way to identify quality tables includes sourcing them from local creators with specialized skills. If you type “custom furniture near me” you will be able to locate skilled craftsmen that use wood. Going to local workshops or studios helps to assess their work with live models and speak to the person who is going to create the product.

Online Marketplaces

If the community’s recommendations are scarce, online platforms can also be considered a helpful source. On websites providing services in custom furniture, one can find a vast selection of live edge tables by different artists. It can be useful for getting inspiration, and for discovering special items that one may like and which are affordable for the buyer.


A live edge table is not merely an object for placing objects on; it is a work of art that showcases the beauty of natural materials and artisanal skills. Whether you choose to break the ‘traditional’ mold and get a custom dining table or go with an epoxy-infused work of art, your live edge table will no doubt turn into one of your favorite pieces in your home.

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