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Why Are NCERT Solutions Important for the CBSE Board Exams?

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The dream of every student is to score good marks in the CBSE exams. Accordingly, the students should start their preparation from day one. More than hard work is required for board exam preparation. The study materials recommended by the CBSE board play an essential role. In the internet era, students are just one click away from choosing suitable material to improve their exam performance. NCERT is the authority which makes the policies for school education in India.

NCERT lays the guidelines which have to be followed by CBSE-affiliated schools. The curriculum is outlined in the form of books, study materials and solutions. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 are prepared by a team of highly qualified faculty with a good hold on the subject. The answers contain simple explanations for students to understand and ace the exams accordingly. If students use these solutions while solving textbook problems, scoring good marks in the final exams will be easy.

Know Why NCERT Solutions Are the Best Study Materials

1.   Comprehensive Knowledge in Easy to Understand Language

Various scholars and experts in the field prepare textbooks and study materials after extensive research to ensure that all the information is accurate and up to the mark. Apart from that, the answers are curated by keeping in mind the IQ level of students. For this reason, the answers are vivid and easy to understand. Students who master the solutions will be able to solve the tricky questions asked in the exams.

2.   Focuses on Basic Topics

The solutions not only cover the syllabus of the academic year but also explain the critical topics to understand the chapter effectively. By following the answers, students will clearly understand the topics provided in the NCERT books. If a student has a good knowledge of the fundamental concepts, scoring good marks in the board exams and various competitive exams will be effortless for the students.

3.   Sufficient Hands-on Practice

The NCERT Books contain numerous examples and exercise-wise questions at the end of each chapter. The answers are designed step-wise, so students do not lose even a single mark. If a student tries covering the chapters using the NCERT Books, they will be able to perform remarkably well in the exams. There is no other question which would appear in the final exams beyond these books.

4.   Designed Based on the Exam Pattern

NCERT books and other study resources should be chosen by completely keeping in mind the exam pattern for the academic year. Those who follow NCERT Solutions can answer questions of varying difficulty levels without confusion. If a student masters the NCERT books and chapter-wise questions, they can complete their board exams with flying colours.

5.   Available for All the Classes

NCERT Solutions are available for all the classes in subject-wise and exercise-wise forms. Students can easily access these solutions to clear their doubts and understand the concepts. The students can download and use the offline PDF without any time constraints. It provides accurate answers to all the questions to help students clear their exams with good marks.

Choosing suitable study material is vital to prepare well for the board exams. The books and NCERT Solutions are designed in such a way as to help the students face their board exams without any stress. If a student covers these materials before the exam, performing well in the final exams will be very easy.

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