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Point Guard Power – Tips and Tricks to Be a Better Point Guard in Basketball

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The point guard is the team leader, responsible for ensuring everyone on the court knows what they’re doing. They direct traffic, call plays, and ensure everyone can execute them. To do this effectively, you need to have a good understanding of what’s going on around you at all times—and that’s where this blog post comes in!

We’ll be providing some tips and tricks to help you improve your game as a point guard so that you can become one of those players everyone looks up to when they need something done immediately.

Mastering the Fundamentals

As a point guard, mastery of the fundamentals is essential. This section will focus on dribbling, passing, and shooting.


The dribble is the most basic skill in basketball, and you should be able to do it without thinking about it. It’s also one of the first things coaches teach their players when they play basketball at a young age, so if you’re not comfortable with it yet, then take some time to practice until it feels natural for you.

To improve your dribbling skills:

  • Start with simple drills that focus on your hand-eye coordination.
  • Dribble with both hands, not just your dominant one.
  • Work on your speed and control, dribbling faster and closer to the ground.
  • Practice moving while dribbling using a basketball hoop rebounder. This helps you make quick changes in direction.


Passing is another essential skill that every point guard should master. Passing quickly and accurately to your teammates is crucial, especially under pressure.

To improve your passing skills:

  • Practice passing with both hands, not just your dominant one.
  • Work on your accuracy by practicing passing to a specific spot on the court. You can use a ball machine basketball for this training.
  • Practice passing under pressure, with defenders trying to intercept the ball.
  • Learn different passes, such as bounce passes and overhead passes.


Shooting is the third fundamental skill that every point guard should master. It’s essential to score points when your team needs them the most.

To improve your shooting skills:

  • Practice shooting from different spots on the court, such as the three-point line and mid-range.
  • Work on your form, making sure that your shot is consistent.
  • Practice shooting under pressure, with defenders trying to block your shot.
  • Use training tools such as rebounding net basketball and basketball shooting machine to improve your shooting accuracy.

Understanding the Game

As a point guard, you are the leader of your team. Understand the game of basketball and what it takes to win. You need to know how to read the defense and make better decisions on the court. If you can do this, you will become a better player and help lead your team to victory!

To understand the game better, you should:

  • Watch basketball games and analyze the plays and strategies used by successful teams.
  • Learn the different offensive and defensive sets used in basketball, such as the pick-and-roll or zone defense.
  • Study the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, so you can adapt your gameplay to counteract them.
  • Communicate effectively with your teammates to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Communication is Key

Communication is vital for point guards. You must be able to communicate with your teammates, coaches, and referees if you want to be a successful point guard.

To communicate effectively, you should:

  • Speak clearly and concisely so that the other person understands what you’re saying.
  • Listen carefully when someone else is talking so that you can understand what they are trying to say.
  • Use hand signals and other non-verbal cues to communicate quickly and effectively on the court.
  • Emphasize the need for clear and concise communication, especially during high-pressure situations.

Leadership on and off the Court

Being a leader is one of the most critical skills for a point guard. As the floor general, you’re responsible for setting the tone for your team and keeping everyone focused on winning. You should exemplify good behavior and hard work on and off the court.

To lead by example, you should:

  • Show respect for your teammates, coaches, and opponents at all times.
  • Be willing to work extra to improve your skills and help your team succeed.
  • Encourage your teammates and provide constructive feedback when necessary.
  • Be a positive influence on and off the court, setting an example for others.


Becoming a better point guard requires mastering the fundamentals, understanding the game, communicating effectively, and being a leader on and off the court. By following these tips and tricks and practicing with a shooting machine, you can improve your skills and become the player your team can rely on to lead them to victory.

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